Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH
Translations in all language combinations
Film production / Event management
Site Zurich: Cramerstra. 16, CH-8004 Zurich
Phone +41 44 251 50 25; Fax +41 44 261 04 79
Site Uster: Archstr. 2, CH-8610 Uster
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About our company

Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH pursues a sustainability-oriented holistic business philosophy. For this reason, Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH draws its electrical energy 100% from the hydraulic power of the Aabach river in Uster and supports fair trade and short transport routes wherever possible.

Through active involvement, Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH supports non-for-profit projects, such as the dissemination of Esperanto, the language bridging the world, and Wikpedia.

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