Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH
Translations in all language combinations
Film production / Event management
Site Zurich: Cramerstra. 16, CH-8004 Zurich
Phone +41 44 251 50 25; Fax +41 44 261 04 79
Site Uster: Archstr. 2, CH-8610 Uster
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Specialized translations

Allsprachendienst Esperanto offers specialized translations into and out of all languages. Our colleagues translate the texts in their own specialist field and into their mother tongue and have excellent knowledge of the source language. Any problems are discussed within the team. All translations are checked for accuracy and stylistic quality before delivery and revised again if necessary.

These services, which we regard as standard, are included in our list prices! Our satisfied clients include Swiss Federal authorities, cantonal and municipal authorities, companies from all sectors, advertising agencies, lawyers and numerous private individuals. And: All clients enjoy preferential treatment with us, regardless of whether they come to us with a private letter of half a side or with a hundred-page handbook.

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