Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH
Translations in all language combinations
Film production / Event management
Site Zurich: Cramerstra. 16, CH-8004 Zurich
Phone +41 44 251 50 25; Fax +41 44 261 04 79
Site Uster: Archstr. 2, CH-8610 Uster
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Who are we?

About our company
Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH is a translation, language, film services and event management company based in Uster (Zurich, Switzerland).

The company was established in 1991 as a sole proprietorship and has been a GmbH [private limited company] under its current name since 2005. Its clients include numerous well-known companies ranging from small businesses to global players, law firms, government institutions and companies, law courts, notaries’ offices, as well as private persons.

The range of offers by Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH further provides for consultations regarding formalities, presentation and localisation, which go far beyond simple translations. Owing to its worldwide network, Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH is in a position to cover all possible language combinations and specialist areas.

In 2013, the Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH opened its film department. For quite some time now, the Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH is also offering a complete event and congress management.

The management of Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH:

Dietrich Michael Weidmann has been managing director of Allsprachendienst Esperanto GmbH since 2005 and is in charge of the translation department. He studied General Linguistics, German Philology, Comparative Literature, Anthropological Psychology, International Law, and Journalism at the University of Zurich and graduated with a Licentiate in General Linguistics. Since 1991, he has been devoted to building up his own translation company, Allsprachendienst Weidmann’s Mondo-Servo.

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